Name Posn Email 1 Email 2 Phone 1 Phone 2 Note
Chris Fougere Goalie info@freedommarketingcoach.com played many years for the jags and held them in there when we were taking a whuppin )
Dan Palsson Goalie dpalsson@sjm.com 898-7156
Dwayne Merry Goalie djmerry2009@hotmail.com 898-8352 Played for the Northstars the past few seasons.
James Alexander adams Goalie adams.james@hotmail.com 204-451-3160 Looking to play wherever whenever. Played in DIV 1 last year, team has folded since.
Jason Raap Goalie pvdi@shaw.ca 204-296-5002 Played for Hurricane in WFHL for more years than I can remember!
Marc Lafreniere Goalie chocalate1967@hotmail.com 204-557-9913 sentinals.05 been off for 5 years and eager to fill in . can hold my own ..........
Matthew Epp Goalie matthew.p.epp@gmail.com 2049522264 2045862627 Played Div 1 since 2002.
Mike B Goalie way2fast@mts.net 204-795-0199 Experienced in ASHL C,D+E divisions and WCHL divisions 3 through 7.
Mike Lambert Goalie mikeping69@gmail.com 204-283-9502
Randy Baker Goalie baker@mts.net 204-396-4227 Played with the goodfellas last year and play in the ashl in all divisions.
Ray Sylvestre Goalie ray_ray_1982@hotmail.com 227-1067 Played with the Shamrocks for the last 5 years.
Rob Fathers Goalie fathers@mts.net 298-9945 First season with the FHL, currently playing for the Fishstix
Robbie Sakires Goalie rsak11@hotmail.com 403-585-5066 I played AAA and senior hockey in saskatchewan age 30 Looking for a full time team or spare. No league experience been in calgary only two years.
Ron Malech Goalie rsmalech@gmail.com 204-793-2495 Have not played in the wfhl would play in the 40 plus division.
Tony Goalie tlc2146@yahoo.ca 204-371-2227 204-424-9017
Tyler Plett Goalie tyler.plett@idccomm.mb.ca 204-299-9888 I've played Screaming Eagle for 2 years in Division 2, Trailblazers 4 years in Division 2 & 3, Hands of Stones for 1 year in Division 2. I'm on free agent and looking for spare or full time league.

Name Posn Email 1 Email 2 Phone 1 Phone 2 Note
Alex Shao Forward alexshao@live.com Played a1 hockey also at WWC playing members hockey also some high school c division experience
Alex Siemens Defense asiemens6@gmail.com 2047120506 No prior experience with the WFHL, but have some relatives and friends playing. Have never played in an organized league but have wanted to for several years now but haven't found a place to play. Div. 3&4 would be the most likely fits. Can play any position but prefer defense.
Andrew Lindsay Defense pjrocksmb@hotmail.com 2042504164 none play D, stay at home type, decent not great
Brent Pielech Forward Brentpielech@gmail.com 2042989094 Played for the pioneers in div 5 as a spare a few times. Our team in the dakota league didn't work out. I'll spare or would like to join Played hockey growing up
Brett Stamm Defense bstamm46@hotmail.com 204-930-190six Just moved to Winnipeg! Looking to get on the ice, 3 yrs rec league experience.
Bryan Bye Forward bryanbye@mts.net (204)228-6118 Looking to play competitive hockey somewhere. I coach 15 year olds hockey, and would like to spare at any opportunity, possible Division 1 or 2. Can play forward or defenceman,
Byron Dueck Defense Byron_d11@yahoo.ca 204-371-1725 I'm 25 and played the 13/14 season in Div 1 with the screaming Eagles. They folded this year and I'm looking to get on the ice a bit with a Div 1 or 2 team. Played hockey my whole life and I'll avg around a point per game.
Chad Guilbert Forward Icecreamdreamz@hotmail.com Looking to spare lots as I can't commit full time due to shift work. I play Centre LW and defense. I have played tons of hockey including Senior A hockey Tiger hills. Call or text me 204-797-2035
Claude Desrochers Defense drochers@mts.net 918-6230 694-3482 Ive played with the Comets playing both forward and defense but prefer defense.
Darcy Taylor Forward dm1taylor@hotmail.com 470-1296 Played for the Shamrocks the last few seasons.
Darryl Unrau Defense unrausells@hotmail.com 997-1911 have spared for a div 1 team for the past two years. Later games work better for me. Heads up play maker.
Ernie Dyck Forward epd3@shaw.ca 3305295 Spared for Flyers, Jaguars, Heat in recent years. Can play forward or defense. Good, reliable, team player.
Gary Steffan Forward gslock@live.ca gslock@live.ca 12192213495 12192213495 please I need some sports to play yes div ,3,4,5,old div
Gerry Normandin Forward qualitycare@mts.net Played for the Winnipeg Worlds approximately 25 years ago but I feel in my prime now at 52 hehe! I'm a very skilled playmaker and yes I back check well.
Jason Prince Forward xxprincejayxx@hotmail.com Looking for a team to spare for this season. Just want to play some hockey this year. Division 3 or 4 preferred.
Joe Riel Forward jriel@mpi.mb.ca jldms2010@hotmail.com 770-6796 interested in sparing in the 40+ division
Jordan Ulrich Forward jordan.ulrich@hotmail.com 204-998-3058 Played several years for a team called Eagles (2008-2012) in this league in Div 1. Strong player (former Junior A-B level). Love to sub for any team that needs.
Justin Dueck Defense justindueck@hotmail.com 204-791-9382 Defenceman for the Isotopes in Division 3 the past 2 years, played defence for the Screaming Eagles in Division 2 the year before that.
Maurice Mill Defense ti_womill@hotmail.com 438-881-3803 I am 28, played midget and recreationnal league in Montreal, haven't play for the past 3 years, just want to have fun and get back in shape
Robert Tait Forward taiter@shaw.ca 619-6983 Use to play with the Flyers ..... Can play any position .
Travis Eagles Forward eagles_travis87@hotmail.com 204.253.8115 204.392.3086 Looking to get out and skate a bit. Played with a few teams over the years divisions 2 & 3. Can play forward or defense. Please don't call me after 9pm. Thanks
Travis Mackeinzo Forward travmackeinzo@gmail.com 1-204-599-6114 Played a few games with the Hawks
Travis Mackeinzo Forward travismackeinzo@hotmail.com 204-899-2797 played with the jaguars last year and few games with the hawks
Trevor Anderson Forward peshanderson@hotmail.com 771-4521 never played here before - am 39 and would spare for a div 3-4 team - played senior hockey back in the day....got a buddy i could bring as well..